President -   Debbie Walkovich
Vice-President -   Henry Valenzuela                   
General Manager-         
Treasurer -                      
Secretary- Serena Bassett
Football Director - David Groben/Jason Duke
​Cheer Director -
​Fields & Equipment -  Henry Valenzuela

McDonald Park - Home of the Cowboys

2016 Cowboys Executive Board

The purpose of the Tanque Verde Cowboys is to contribute to the community by teaching physical and life skills in an enjoyable and safe environment through football and cheer with a focus on commitment, integrity, fairness and sportsmanship.  

The main thrust is: (1) To emphasize scholastic achievement in the classroom; (2) To impart to the game elements of safety, sanity and intelligent supervision; (3) To keep the welfare of the youth first and foremost and entirely free from adult glory-seeking; and (4) To provide and maintain qualified and appropriate adult leadership and example.

The Tanque Verde Cowboys organization is governed by a set of rules and policies defined by the Association Bylaws and Operating Procedures.  The rules and regulations that apply to each Tanque Verde Cowboys team are defined in the TYFSF rules book.  Please take a moment to view these documents by clicking on the links below: